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      Aromatherapy may be added to any of the following service at no extra charge.

CBD Signature Massage         ~NEW~


    Targeted or general application of an emollient lemongrass and/or unscented CBD Oil is worked into the soft tissue during the massage. CBD helps with Cannabinoid receptors (our endocannabinoid system), which is involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory.


      This service is for those who are 18 years or older. If you are on prescription drugs, please advise your doctor to know if this service is suitable for your current health. This product is 3rd party tested to not carry an THC, with lab results available upon request.

Available in 45 minute $70

     60 minutes $90

     75 minutes $115

     90 minutes $135

     2 hours $180

Oncology Massage (Recognized by the Society of Oncology )

      This service is available to those who actively have and or have had cancer in the past. Holly Dahl has gone through extensive training with the Tracey A Walton Foundation, which is only one of a handful of groups recognized by the Society for Oncology Massage, to safely perform hands on therapy. Whether you are currently under going chemotherapy, radiation and or surgery (or have had in the past) we mindfully adapt to your ever changing journey.


Available but communication via phone, email or text is required.

(please visit our Q& A tab for reference and reason)


Signature Therapeutic Touch Massage


     Customizable massages that are tailored to your ever changing needs.  Choose from relaxation to a direct therapeutic assessment of problematic areas. Specific assessment of issues such as TMJ dysfunction, decreased range of motion, numbness, referred pain, trigger points, management of overly stimulated nerve pain such as from fibromyalgia to multiple sclerosis and to balancing internal rhythms with a gentle approach of craniosacral therapy. 


Available in 45 minutes $60

60 minutes $80

75 minutes $100

90 minutes $120

2 hour sessions $160


Prenatal Massage


     As every mother is unique, so is every pregnancy and we take that to heart. Whether you feel nothing but the best in these treasured moments or just feel somewhat bogged down from pain, swelling or simply feeling overwhelmed; a few moments to yourself can help bring you back to center with our mindful touch. With our therapist Holly having gone through motherhood twice, she is sympathetic and empathetic to this glorious and often draining moment. 


Available in 60 minutes $80

75 minute $100

90 minutes $120


Simply Hot Stone  Massage


   A blend of smooth basalt and river stones, these earthly tools often times help to access the deeper muscles by entrancing over worked nerves and soft tissue. Whether you are looking for a little bit of relaxation or something more direct, this modality can be your personal way back in touch.

*60 minutes is ideally suited for relaxation or key focus on one target portion of the body. 


Can be added to any service for $10


Simply Cold Stone Massage

    Our marble and quartz based earthly tools are used for mainly a therapeutic approach, especially when heat tends to aggravate your tender spots (often from repetitive use). Introduced ever so slowly to not over stimulate the nerves, vasoconstriction prompts the body's natural ability to increase circulation, and eventual muscle lengthening (after initial contraction). Truly a tingling experience.


Can be added to any service for $10 

Thermal Stone Balancing 

         Best of both sides of the spectrum when it comes to thermal modalities. With all of the added benefits from the two previous services, confuse your nerves and melt away tension by adding this to your next service. 

Can be added at any service for $10