Meet Holly Dahl

   (Owner & operator)


        Dual licensed in the state of Ohio and Wisconsin, Holly Dahl has been practicing professional therapeutic massage since 2010.  At a fairly young age anatomy and physiology has always fascinated her. Many periods were spent perusing through old medical text books to the point where she could realistically draw the human systems from memory. (Her initial inspiration was to become a medical illustrator, but her life gave a more fruitful path). Being a graduate of S.H.I. School of Medical Massage and Acupuncture, Holly has had a great deal of opportunities to further her mental knowledge into something more tangible. Being fortunate enough to attend a school with an on-site cadaver lab, as well as being exposed to a taste of oriental medicine and the energy lay lines of the body, SHI's professors provided her a deeper understanding that is so hard to come by. 


      Holly has a very keen sense of the intuitiveness that she feels was planted and has since germinated from the age of six when she began meditating to combat issues she faced. Her previous work experience has been with chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and hospital networks, but the list is not only limited to the medical field. Holly has spent over two years with a highly recommended day spa in Cincinnati and a destination resort who was rated 3rd in the nation, both of which exposed her experience to aryuvedic therapies and body treatments.  From babies, children, teens, athletes, expecting mothers and to our wise elders, Holly has worked on all walks of life from those who suffer from a myriad of dis-eases to those who are looking to maintain their current state. 


     Having had completed her 3 year (216 hour live) training to specialize in Somatic Experiencing as well as pursuing the theories of bodynamics; Holly cannot help but incorporates a mindful trauma informed"lens" with each client who walks through her door.


         SE is a bottom up approach to meet, renegotiate and restore one's nervous system (through the body) that has been combating with the rigors of stress, chronic syndromes and, or to what our culture views as trauma. Bodynamics is a study of how certain character structures influence how tense or flaccid muscles presents themselves and giving supportive opportunities for the patterns of bracing and or collapse for a healthier response to one's life.


Expanding upon her modality of trauma work, Holly is also trained under the Family Constellation Institute in their Master Class for trans-generational trauma. When not doing therapy at Mindful Hands of Madison, Holly spends her time with her husband and three children enjoying the simple things in life.


     Just simply reading her profile can only offer a perspective from our eyes. If you would like to gain your own insight to what a personal touch with her knowledge would be, call us today. We hope to see you soon!